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There are more than 40, 000 search queries on Google every second. No other advertising method has the potential to get your business before that many pairs of eyes. They allow you to target a specific audience based on location, interests, age, sex, online behavior, and many other factors.

Find what works for you, but whatever you do, you must advertise. Stick a magnetic sign on your company car and voila, you have a brand awareness campaign on wheels, spreading the world all over town. Bumper stickers and window decals also work for this method, and they are generally not expensive to get made. Get yourself some snazzy business cards, then give them to every person you lay eyes on.

The more people who find out about your business, the better – even if it’s just a quick glance at a business card. Plan an event or class to host, then print out flyers and post them on community bulletin boards. While most community bulletin boards won’t let you post business advertisements, they’re often more than happy to post a flyer promoting an educational event or class. These strategies don’t require a big advertising budget, but you will likely need to put some resources into them—such as by subscribing to a platform or purchasing tickets to events. Partnering with another business means twice as much notice and exposure to a whole new audience related to your niche.

As an added bonus, many new potential customers will browse your website even if they don’t decide to purchase the deal. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you can use coupon deal sites like Groupon to quickly promote your business. For other businesses, investing in Instagram might not make sense. For example, Instagram users that follow fashion influencers are actively looking to purchase new styles. By building an active, fashion-savvy audience, a clothing retailer can build a consistent direct sales channel. It includes videos, podcasts, online courses, and a host of other mediums in which people consume information.

Eight of the channels we will discuss are strictly digital strategies, which will be conducted online. The other eight certainly are a bit more general, with strategies that can be conducted offline. The answers to these questions determine which marketing strategies will be viable and which will be a waste of time. You must get out there and tell people who you are, why your product or service is different from the competition and how to find you.

It’s a chance to access and build trust with an audience someone else worked really hard to build. Webinars tend to be more engaging than simple videos, even if they are used in exactly the same way. The actual start time and live Q&A tends to make people feel like they are receiving significantly more value than if they were watching a video with the exact same information. Webinars can also be recorded and used as standalone products or even a series of products. Webinars are often used as lead magnets for email marketing and the right topic can drive a large batch of new subscribers to your list. It can also be used to build credibility with your current subscribers. As you may have noticed from the above list, email marketing is one of the few that can be described as “easy”.

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One great way to make content a regular part of your marketing efforts is to start a blog. They’re visual eye candy, easy to digest, and people love to share them, so they’re a great way to drive up referral traffic and links.